Image from Iri5 on Flickr Via WebUrbanist

In this series I showcase a number of portraits of musicians made out of recycled cassette tape with original cassette. Also included are portraits made from old film and reels. The idea comes from a philosopher’s (Ryle) description of how your spirit lives in your body. I imagine we are all, like cassettes, thoughts wrapped up in awkward packaging. : )

Still got all your old aircheck tapes? But don’t artify your mix tapes until they’re digitized.

Chris Connors

Chris Connors

Making things is the best way to learn about our world.

  • Jon

    Finally, a good use for those old tapes! I remember when I was a kid always seeing tapes and videos on the side of the road, tape all pulled out and tangled up…but now I can relive the experience…except with art!

  • Whoa!

    Just me or is that Tom Waits?

  • Anonymous

    yeah that has to be tom waits