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  1. Peter says:

    Great video! But with projects like this and the stilts, I think it would be nice to find someone who can use them, like get someone from a local band to actually tune and play the guitar. It’s cool to see that it works, but it would be really nice to see how well someone can play it.

    1. KipKay says:

      @ Peter – I totally agree. I had a guy lined up to play it along with me on the drums but it fell through at the last minute and I was in a time crunch to get it edited and uploaded. Bummed so I just showed that it actually does work. Thanks

      1. orangesrhyme says:

        Frets aren’t necessarily required, you can use a glass bottleneck like they do with cigarbox guitars. That way you’d only have to mark where the frets would be for a general idea of what note you’re playing.

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