The Pinewood Derby Designs and Patterns book from the Maker Shed is on sale now as part of our Spring-cleaning sale. This book is loaded with great designs for making the ultimate pinewood derby racer.

Build the coolest car in the pinewood derby! In this ultimate design guide, Troy Thorne – woodworker, artist and derby-winning dad – shares his expert tips, techniques and amazing patterns so parents and scouts of any skill can build a jaw-dropping, prize-winning car that’s quick out of the gate. Officially licensed by the Boy scouts of America, this valuable guide provides 34 amazing patterns and designs along with step-by-step instructions for building a High-Wing Racer, a Stock Car and a Vintage Racecar. Techniques and tips for creating custom decals, applying a high-quality finish, and prepping the car’s wheels, axles, and weight for the race are also included.

Check out the Pinewood Derby Designs and Patterns book from the Maker Shed

  • craig

    Ooh, pinewood derby brings out the worst memories. At a regeinal finals meet, my car did not do as well as it had in my home town. Then afterwards I inspected my wheels because they were a bit wobbly. My car had been sabotaged by a handler that must have squeezed the wheels inward, breaking out little ‘V’ chunks of plastic out of the inner wheel that sorrounds the nail axle. If you go to finals DO NOT let anybody but you handle the car!

    • Tim

      Pinewood Derby races would be great for the boys if it were all above board. I have seen the rules bent so bad and father built cars passed off as being built by the son that the entire process leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

      It’s a shame.

      • Marc de Vinck

        I had a great experience building them as a kid with my Dad. However, I do remember seeing the cars that were obviously built by the parents. Not mine! But then again, I didn’t win either!

        It would be interesting to see a “Derby Day” where all the parts are supplied and the cars are built on-site and raced at the end of the day. It certainly would eliminate the problem.

  • blight

    My office had our own pinewood derby. It was a lot of fun. The only rule: your father couldn’t help.

    • Marc de Vinck

      That is awesome. (love the rocket car) Thanks for the link…and the idea. I want a pinewood derby at MAKE!