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  • Tim Klein

    I love the Make Blog and magazine, but may I suggest that local events should not be posted to a global audience.


    • Garrett

      There are so few of these events right now, I don’t see a problem with them being posted on the main Make site. All events have to local to someplace, and this is an event officially linked with Make. It takes up one flick of your mouse scroll wheel to move to the next post, and I’m not aware of an alternative resource that gets the word out to as many Denver Makers as possible.

      No, I don’t live anywhere near Colorado.

      • dave


        If it hadn’t been on here, I would never have known about it. As a result of it being posted here, I went to it, tonight.

        Besides… if you’re advocating “no local events”, then this place is going to get pretty dry, pretty soon; I kind of get tired of reading about all the cool Maker stuff going on, in OTHER parts of the U.S., but it’s all we’ve got.