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  • weirscience

    Fun video! I like the cat participation. I’m gonna make one. From the tracks, I’ve either got Turkeys or Velociraptors coming around, and I’d like to find out which.

    For projects (like this) that require electric cords, I want to suggest an extra little Maker fetish – the Underwriter’s Knot:

    It’s easy, and adds at least 23% extra classiness to a project. Yours is already plenty classy, but I’m just sayin’.

  • Max

    You bolted together a store-bought PIR and a milkcrate, then used store-bought software to track movement from the store-bought webcam. This is the direction Weekend Projects have decided to go? Where the heck is the “project” aspect of all this?

  • Max

    So, you bolted a stored-bought PIR-activated light to a milkcrate, then used store-bought software to track any motion in the video feed from the store-bought webcam.
    Explain to me how this is a Weekend Project.

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