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  • Jack

    That’s just freakin’ awesome!

  • webster

    that’s no more an installation than a painting.
    just fyi.

    • webster

      that’s probably why its listed as a ‘sound sculpture’ on flickr. sort of the art equivalent of calling a capacitor a battery.

    • Becky Stern

      What do you mean? I’m using installation in the art context, as wikipedia describes it, “site-specific, three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space.”

      I agree that paintings require “installation” as well, and I’m all for snarky comments, but what exactly did yours mean?

      • webster

        Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be snarky or sarcastic at all, its just that the term ‘installation’ is just sometimes misused – as is ‘site specific’ for that matter.

        The is the key element missing from this particular work is “transform(ation) the perception of a space”. Installation art has primarily to do with this transformation of space – an installation is not a stand alone entity/object within an environment… but rather an installation is a work of are that IS the environment. Also, not all installations are site specific as your quote from wikipedia suggests…

        I think people have a difficult time categorizing works of art… I think people hear the word “installation” and think it must be ‘something that needed to be installed’ and they connect that idea to works that are hard to define as painting or sculpture or whatever… This just isn’t the case. You can attach many “art words” to the piece above: multimedia, digital, assemblage, collage, kitsch, conceptual, found, and on and on and on…. but I don’t think installation….

        See Ann Hamilition’s work for examples……..

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