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I like the thought of sending serial print commands to my TV set. This shield, by the awesomely named Batsocks, was designed to do just that. It was originally designed for PAL signals, but has been modified now to output to NTSC sets as well.

This would be useful for picture-in-picture mode on a TV set while debugging Arduino-based video game cheating projects







  1. Timothy Swieter says:

    I have been using and and selling a 3.0″ LCD display and driver board that accepts a NTSC or PAL signal. The product acts as a miniature TV display. The product has been used with Propeller for a few months now. You can read more on our web site: and I will reenable ordering in another week or so when I return to the office.

    With the Tellymate, the Arduino and the 3.0″ display you could make some compact or portable projects with a display.

  2. John Boxall says:

    This thing is great fun, and introduces a whole new dimension to using an Arduino. Have a look at my experiences: