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It’s exciting to see this project progressing: first, Joe Bowers sent us his Arduino-based note visualizer (it blinked LEDs in sequence with the game’s notes). Now, he’s grafted the Guitar Hero controller’s board onto it. Joe mentioned having some difficulty sensing notes when the flame effects burst around the fret board. He’s had pretty good success sampling the light sensors ten times per second and averaging the values. The bot can play Foghat’s Slow Ride on expert mode with 94% accuracy! If this were mine I’d just sit and watch it play all day long.

The third label in this photo made me laugh out loud:





  1. Anonymous says:

    ..Hasn’t this been done before?

    1. John Park says:

      Yes it has. Quite a few times, in fact. The interesting thing is that each person has chosen a different way of doing it, learned a bunch of neat stuff during the process, and often shared their methods/discoveries with others.