Calling all pilots and aerial photographers – If you’re in the air above the San Mateo County Expo Center/Fairgrounds, the Maker Faire team would much appreciate a pic! One day of faire-ness remains (tomorrow 5-31-09) so if you’re able to capture a sky shot, please post a link or send it in – thanky!

  • Jennifer

    Hey Make,

    There’s an aerial photo group at the Faire. They have a booth, I can’t recall exactly which building they are in, but maybe you could ask them.

  • Paul Eastham

    Here are a few photos, taken from my homebuilt RV-9A:

    Couldn’t get directly overhead, the airspace over the faire belongs to SFO and is quite complicated!

  • Anonymous

    I think you meant to say “Got a camera?”…”gotta” is a reduction of “got to”. :)

  • Clif Cox

    Hi Makers,
    On our way home we took some shots from our rented Piper Arrow. Couldn’t shoot from directly overhead either because of the low wings, passengers, etc… ;-)


    • Collin Cunningham

      excellent! – and pretty darn close to directly above :)