I was thrilled to host a panel discussion yesterday at Maker Faire with some of my favorite kinetic artists: Nemo Gould, Ben Cowden, Reuben Margolin, and Greg Brotherton. I was joined on the panel by Amy Brotherton, co-owner of Device Gallery in San Diego. The talk was entitled “Fantastic Contraption: The Device Artists,” referencing the gallery and a show they mounted there last year, but also speaking to the incredible, out of this world techno-art these folks create. All of these artists are actually here as part of a larger group of Bay Area artists called Applied Kinetic Arts which also includes Jonathan Foote, Carl Pisaturo, Kal Spelletich, Alan Rorie, Mark Galt, Janine Miller-Fritz, and Christopher T Palmer. The work they’re showing is amazing, so if you get a chance, stop by their exhibit area in Expo Hall.

Above is a video interview my son Blake shot of John Edgar Park of Make: television interviewing Greg Brotherton about his piece Pendulum.

Applied Kinetic Arts

From the Maker Shed:


Device Volume 1: Fantastic Contraption from the the Maker Shed celebrates the genius of invention and ingenuity with a showcase of works from an international roster of artists including — H.R. Giger, Ashley Wood, Stéphane Halleux, Viktor Koen, Christopher Conte, Gregory Brotherton, Mike Libby, Nemo Gould, and many others. Foreword by our very own Senior Editor, Gareth Branwyn.

Gareth Branwyn

Gareth Branwyn

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