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thinksafe ThinkSafe: A Magnetic Power Connector for Thinkpads

Got a ThinkPad and have a tendency to trip over the power cord all the time? Envious of all those silver MacBooks with their stark minimalism and futuristic MagSafe power cables? Well, you’re in luck. This Instructable will show you how to assemble your very own ThinkSafe magnetic power connector.

My Thinkpad’s power connection started getting flaky, so I made a magnetic connector that works just like Apple’s MagSafe connectors. It’s effective, cool-looking, and breaks away cleanly when kicked. I used common materials that I had around or could find at my local hardware store, so you should be able to duplicate my efforts.

Adam Flaherty

I make cool stuff and write about other people making cool stuff on If you have something you think I should see, send me a tip.

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