The Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan have cobbled together from existing parts a truly unique device. It’s part netbook, part tablet. They started by gutting an HP Mini 1000 and replaced the Intel Atom chip with a Via processor running XP SP2. They then removed the standard display and replaced it with a tablet of the same size running Android. Pop the tablet out of its holder and you’ve got a fully functional Android tablet. Slide it back into the base with the keyboard and you’re running XP.

via howtobemobile

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • Fabio

    This is pretty pointless. Would I have to synchronize my documents when I reconnect the XP base ? I´d rather have two devices. The monitor is not that expensive.

    • Rick

      Ideally, the tablet would use networked storage, perhaps over an ad-hoc wifi connection to the base.

      I think the point is that the tablet form factor is sometimes desirable (see: Kindle, tour guides’ or ticketers’ devices, or the original almighty clipboard). Android makes a better tablet OS than Win XP, but isn’t great for desktop use. This is an interesting way of combining the two.

  • Tony Karakashian

    Since the “monitor” is effectively running a different OS, simply leave that as the running OS. You can have an icon in Android that does a fullscreen RDP to the XP in the “base”. Now you’ve got two in one…

    And, yes, this makes little sense, but it does make a little more than what they’ve cobbled together.. :)