I’m impressed by the technical skill involved in Jia Jam’s Meatwad costume (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force). Yes, it’s real meat; she had an ATHF birthday party and writes:

I chose salami because it’s thin, keeps in one piece, and is quite cheap, and bacon because it looks very, um, meaty. I considered somehow vacuum-sealing sheets of meat with those sealers they have on the markets now, but the machines were too expensive for a one-time-only disposeable dress. I ended up using the K.I.S.S. method of construction, which involved a basic shift dress out of thick cotton. I layed the meat on top, then put clear vinyl over it and sewed tracks with clear thread. I used a wide stitch length to avoid perforating the meat to the point it might just… uh, slide down the bottom of the dress. I also blotted it all before sewing to get rid of as much grease as possible to avoid clouding the vinyl. Lastly, I made sure to bind the bottom of the dress with a strip of clear vinyl to catch drips. (I love talking about this; it’s so disgusting.) The whole project took about 6 hours, and I kept it refrigerated until the party. Good times.

Via Geekologie.


Becky Stern

Becky Stern

Becky Stern ( is a DIY guru and director of wearable electronics at Adafruit. She publishes a new project video every week and hosts a live show on YouTube. Formerly Becky was Senior Video Producer for MAKE. Becky lives in Brooklyn, NY and belongs to art groups Free Art & Technology (“release early, often, and with rap music”) and Madagascar Institute (“fear is never boring”).

  • Kate

    This is pretty amazing.

  • Charity

    I’m impressed by the technical aspects and the skill needed to make this but… WOW, what an unbelievably stupid waste of food. Would love to know how many animals died so she could have a disposable dress that she wore for less than a day. And I say that as a meat-eater and hater of PETA.

  • Steven

    I would eat that all day long.

  • Anonymous

    Very impressive, but very disgusting.

  • Eric

    enjoy this dress and eat it also and then eat you.

  • Anonymous

    That’s really gross. And a total waste. Congrats, I guess? You’re not responsible for even more death from starvation and destruction of land.
    So you could look “good” for a party.

  • hampton

    this is ridiculous and amazing. i can’t believe she made this in 6 hours. kudos, lady.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah because the animals weren’t already long-dead when she bought processed meat. It’s completely ridiculous to insinuate that this dress is responsible for animal death or people going hungry. If she hadn’t bought the meat, someone else would have, probably not someone who is starving to death. If no one else bought it the store would have thrown it away. Either way, dead pig. Sorry.

  • Dean

    Keep your bloody knickers on people! How many of you have wasted food by throwing it away? It could be leftovers or some wilted veg left in the fridge.
    It is a nice dress, an amazing piece of art and it looks good on the girl.

  • Anonymous

    ..and its been done a hundred other times.

  • anonymous

    so they don’t breed an have douche bag kids that comment about how a pound of salami could have kept someone alive … for how much longer, btw??? oh yeah. . .. i’m a douchebag and i’m too stupid to think about that. all i see is a meat dress and have a brainstem reaction about starving people.
    go meat dress! haters be lame

  • doug

    Light meat or dark?

  • Tom G

    That dress is an awesome design statement, fashion statement, cultural statement, artistic statement, and an olfactory statement, too. You made my day!
    Keep going!

  • kayten

    animals died so you can have a hideous dress. cool. another way to parade around your barbaric treatment of animals and lack of compassion.

  • Bill

    To the whiners: STFU. Jeez, I love animals and hate waste too, but seriously. As if this girl and her meat dress are preventing starving people in Bangladesh from eating, or are responsible for the deaths of kittens. Lighten the hell up and go have a cheesburger.
    To me, looks good enough to eat. Once I get that dress off of her.
    Appropriately enough, the “captcha” word I have to type is “chumps”. Describes perfectly the tofu-eating vegan whiners.

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