The PING))) ultrasonic sensor is a really easy way to measure distance with a micro-controller. All you have to do is hook up 3 wires and upload some code. These sensors are great for robots, alarm systems, or any other application that requires some type of measurement or obstacle avoidance. Don’t forget to check out our other Arduino 101 videos!

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More about the PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor

  • John Park

    Excellent video as usual Marc! I’d love to use this in conjunction with an Adafruit WaveShield to make a little grumpy bot that yells at you the closer you get :)

  • Marc de Vinck

    Thanks John!

    OK, here is my plan….I have gone over a bunch of the basics like buttons, sensors, etc. Now I am going to apply those principles towards making larger projects. Keep an eye on the blog for more details!

    • ECA

      now to add a direction indicator and put it on a motor and make a radar system..
      whats the range on the sonic

      • Marc de Vinck

        Not a bad idea! I want to add something like that to a robot build in the future.

      • Voik

        Reads up to 3 meters with an accuracy of 2 cm. I remember researching this sensor for a project a couple of years ago. As I recall, I required a faster interface and longer range. Wound up with IR. The ping sensor is a great way to hit the ground running, though: 5 volts, ground, and data. Very easy to implement. Didn’t MAKE have a video of a “tape measure” made with one of these?

        • Marc de Vinck

          Out of curiosity, what were the specs on the IR?

  • CousinJim

    When I was learning to program robots back in the 80’s, I found that a Doppler sensor must be exactly perpendicular to its target in order to see it.


  • chazeline

    how can I make a program using the ultrasonic sensor ping))) in connection with my arduino board? our project is a sensor that will provide the obstruction/object for the blind people? do you know a program.