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  • John Park

    Excellent video as usual Marc! I’d love to use this in conjunction with an Adafruit WaveShield to make a little grumpy bot that yells at you the closer you get :)

  • Marc de Vinck

    Thanks John!

    OK, here is my plan….I have gone over a bunch of the basics like buttons, sensors, etc. Now I am going to apply those principles towards making larger projects. Keep an eye on the blog for more details!

    • ECA

      now to add a direction indicator and put it on a motor and make a radar system..
      whats the range on the sonic

      • Marc de Vinck

        Not a bad idea! I want to add something like that to a robot build in the future.

      • Voik

        Reads up to 3 meters with an accuracy of 2 cm. I remember researching this sensor for a project a couple of years ago. As I recall, I required a faster interface and longer range. Wound up with IR. The ping sensor is a great way to hit the ground running, though: 5 volts, ground, and data. Very easy to implement. Didn’t MAKE have a video of a “tape measure” made with one of these?

        • Marc de Vinck

          Out of curiosity, what were the specs on the IR?

  • CousinJim

    When I was learning to program robots back in the 80’s, I found that a Doppler sensor must be exactly perpendicular to its target in order to see it.


  • chazeline

    how can I make a program using the ultrasonic sensor ping))) in connection with my arduino board? our project is a sensor that will provide the obstruction/object for the blind people? do you know a program.

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