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  1. hurf durf says:

    … on “How to make taking public transportation miserable for everybody around you.”

    Next article: The fine art of not bathing.

    1. blubrick says:

      Check out all those people around him. Don’t they look miserable?

      To be fair, I took a look at the whole photo pool. It wasn’t a crowded peak-hour service (that’d be incredibly selfish), but there were a few other people on that train. Interestingly, I saw considerably fewer miserable-looking faces than I’d usually see on an off-peak urban train. It seems to me that some of the bystanders took the chance to participate and nearly everyone looked like they were having fun, whether on the swing or not.

      I’ve never been to SF, so of course it could be that BART passengers are always that much fun, but somehow I doubt it.

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