• Dutchfreak

    this is really a intresting project. would this also work whit dynamo, like you trun a handle around a few times to create the energy?

  • Maker Dino

    Glue two coil springs to the inside of the tube at each end and it will shake easier. The magnets will bounce of them, and it won’t make so much noise. :)
    Cool project.

  • Nawlins Jeaux

    What about connecting the Caps to a 2.5mm, or 3.5mm female jack, set in a hole drilled in the end of the remote? Then connect a similar male jack to the Farraday generator? Plug the Farraday gen into the remote, shake the the tube, and unplug.

    Wouldn’t this work in the same way, withouth attaching the generator TO the remote? Or when you remove the jack, would it dump the charge from the caps? I’m not very electrical, just trying to think of a way to use one gen for multiple remotes.

    Still, it’s an interesting project!