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One Response to Weekend Project: Kinetic Remote Control (PDF)

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  1. Very impressive demonstration – there really is no need for a battery in an occasional use low power object like a remote.

    Suggestions, based on some similar experiments:

    Try going for half wave rectification to save a diode drop (just short out two of the diodes so one leg of the coil is common).

    Forget the regulator. If in doubt use a zener diode `or a set of regular diodes in series to limit upper voltage.

    With these efficiency gains smaller capacitors are sufficient.

    I am currently trying to use a 1 Farad super cap to make a shake battery that fits in an AAA. the cap is a little less than half of the battery size, but only good for a bit over 2.5V, so maybe will make it size of two AAA and us a joule miser type deal to make it 3V. A coil out of a McD’s straw and small rare earth magnets (small as 2x2x3m) works well. Not so many turns are needed maybe ,depending on many factors.

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