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SPARK Project #1, Post #5

Shawn Schaffert’s ratcheting scheduler Real Time Operating Systems? Even though this project is about a smart home dashboard that doesn’t necessarily have any time-critical tasks, it very easily could. What if a cloud covered the solar panels, and I wanted to dim the lights in response. I don’t want my... Read more »

New in the Maker Shed: Fire Piston Kit

The Fire Piston Kit is a neat physics experiment based on the heat created when air is rapidly compressed. Bill Gurstelle, author of Backyard Ballistics and Barrage Garage, created this kit for us. If you were at Maker Faire you might have seen him demonstrating his kit in the Maker... Read more »

New in the Maker Shed: Desktop Onager

This Desktop Onager is constructed out of only wood and twine. That’s right, no metal parts here! These types of war machines were the predecessors to cannons and modern artillery. This desktop model uses the torsion skein for all of its power. Using this ancient power mechanism, it can launch... Read more »

New in the Maker Shed: ArduPilot

The ArduPilot from the Maker Shed is a full-featured autopilot based on the Arduino open-source hardware platform. It uses infrared (thermopile) sensors for stabilization and GPS for navigation. Requires a GPS module and an infrared XY sensor (not included). The autopilot handles both stabilization and navigation, eliminating the need for... Read more »