3664192732 0f54dff426 TagTool goes partying

This at the “Saint Andrew’s strip” in Cholula. Felixe (Mexico) took his freshly baked TagTool to get some air in a reknowned bar where it livened up the party and inspired a healthy interactive night.

3664192220 9abd5ae6de TagTool goes partying

All the equipment is on the table: DIY TagTool with Arduino inside, laptop to connect it to, Wacom to draw and write, game controller to make everything (and everyone) wiggle. Hours of fun!


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Mauricio Gómez

Un chico apasionado por la electrónica, los proyectos, la música, el cine, las cosas hechas a mano, la buena convivencia con los amigos, la buena comida, la buena risa, las herramientas, otros países, las tradiciones, los blogs.

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