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Nothing beats the joy of having a shed of one’s own, and the folks over on Readersheds and its Shed Blog (out of the UK) have mad love for the humble shed. They have forums, pictures, shed plans, and more. Not all the sheds are necessarily workshops, but they are all cool little structures in backyards.

Of the user-submitted sheds, they choose one to be the Shed of the Year. This year’s award goes to The Kite Cabin (pictured above) created by “sheddie” Steven Harwood from West Wales. Harwood designed the structure “in his head” and built it by hand.

And while the Shed of the Year award goes only to sheddies from the UK, this year they’ve designated an International Shed of the Year award that goes to Chuck Witmer of Silver Spring, Maryland (his hand-built shed pictured below).


Be sure to also check out the awesome video featured on Readersheds’ homepage: “In Me Shed” by “Punk’s Not Dad” (yes, the lead singer goes by Sid Life Crisis). Love the little girl’s voice at the beginning: “Dad? Dad? Are you hiding in the shed again?”

And of course no conversation about sheds could be complete without a shameless plug for our very own Maker Shed.

Goli Mohammadi

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  1. Holger Wockenfuss says:

    in so many ways…

    and total milf alert!

  2. My Shed Plans Man says:

    Now that is what I call a shed. How long did the main one take to build? Really and truly some great information you are sharing – am going to share this with my website subscribers. Thanks

  3. RichInSC says:

    The Kite Cabin it totally outrageous! This amazing shed was built by hand? WOW, can’t wait to share…Thanks