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maggie lies Dog days of summer sale: Truth Wrist Band kit

So there I am in my studio about to solder up another kit, and all my solder is gone! Who could have used it all up? It’s happened before, and this time I’m going to find out exactly who did it. I had a really good idea who it was, but I needed to know for sure, so I broke out my Truth Wrist Band and started my inquisition. As you can see, it worked perfect, no more soldering for this mutt.

Please Note: Don’t use the Truth Wrist Band on your dog, it won’t work through fur, and they just don’t like it. Besides, everyone knows dogs don’t lie!

This week’s dog days of summer deal is the Truth Wrist Band Kit kit. The kit sells for $44.95, but for the next week, it’s only $33, that’s 25% off! Only while supplies last.

More about the Truth Wrist Band Kit

mshed ddos Dog days of summer sale: Truth Wrist Band kit

The dog days of summer are upon us, and you know what that means? Time to hit the beach? Well, maybe. But, it also means that it’s time for some special deals in the Maker Shed. Each week we will feature a kit at a special “dog days” discount. The deal will last about a week, so take advantage of the savings while you can.


To download The Truth Wristband MP4 click here or subscribe in iTunes.

Marc de Vinck

I’m currently working full time as the Dexter F. Baker Professor of Practice in Creativity in the Masters of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship Program at Lehigh University. I’m also an avid product designer, kit maker, author, father, tinkerer, and member of the MAKE Technical Advisory board.

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