dayammerkid writes…

This is a project that me and my friends built for school (UC Berkeley). Its made of lego mindstorms, scissors, and some scrap metal. With all things considered, I think it turned out alright. Not only does it fold your paper for you, it also cuts it. It would be the perfect accessory for a fancy, high-tech, Japanese bathroom! This video shows two test runs; the first run works well, while the second one could have gone a little smoother…

  • Richie Brown

    This is great. I’m a folder myself, but I’d like to see them make one that caters to the needs of those who snowball their toilet paper as well.

  • selfSilent

    Good grief, how much toilet roll does it dispense each time!
    I estimate it dispensed about 16 sheets on the second run.
    You only need 3 sheets folded into a 3 ply stack to stop any break through whilst wiping.