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Nature photographer and maker Marco Jetti wanted a device that would allow him to shoot pictures of animals from a distance. Using a pair of walkie-talkies and a custom circuit, Marco fashioned a long distance wireless shutter trigger capable of releasing the shutter from, reportedly, almost a kilometer away.

[via DIYPhotography]

Adam Flaherty

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  1. Humbled says:

    Congratulations whomever posted this. You’ve just shown how a basic IED is detonated. Yep. Back from Iraq. Yep, bomb disposal. Yep, injured last month. Yep, pissed off.

    1. PH says:

      Sorry for your injury.
      In most of the world, IED’s are not a problem.
      I think your comment is uncalled for.
      As a layman in that subject, but knowledgeable in electronics, I would say that this is not a suitable way of remote triggering explosives.
      Any strong interference would cause the circuit to close.
      Not a problem when used to remote triggering a camera though.

    2. Sean says:

      Sorry, that cat got out of the bag decades ago, Carrier Operated Relays are so 60′s technology. If knowledge of this circuit is standing between humanity and total destruction, we’ve already been doomed for quite some time. Anyone with a basic electronics book can figure out the simple use of a transistor switch. It’s commonly used in microprocessor circuits to enable switching external loads.

      The wish that universal ignorance will take care of all our problems is becoming endemic, getting that wish and supressing basic knowledge will reduce our nation to the economic status that people living in countries where IEDs are being used want us to be.

      To put it another way. If it takes a US college education to come up with this, you better learn flint knapping and go back to the stone age because the knowledge of ammo reloading allows them to shoot bullets at us and all information about how to do it needs to be suppressed.

  2. KentD says:

    This is nice for newbies, but common knowledge for anyone with a basic knowledge of electronics. No schematic would be needed for millions of Americans, and unfortunately, many terrorists. In fact, if they used this schematic, they would likely blow themselves up because it would be sensitive to any noise or signal. In deference to Hummble’s concerns, I won’t say how to improve it, but really, they already know.

  3. Mike Y says:

    Also a great way to trigger your lawn sprinklers from the front yard (when the sprinkler timer is in back in the garage) while debugging a problem.

    FCC rules don’t allow FRS / GMRS to be used for ‘data’, but since only a carrier is sent I don’t see it as a problem; you’re not sending any actual audio signaling tones.

    Mike Y
    Dallas, Texas

  4. Jack says:

    This could also be really nice for a simple KAP rig.