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I love to solder. I’ve found it to be a surprisingly relaxing and very rewarding process that opens up a world of practical and creative abilities. But before I knew the basic tips & tricks of the craft, soldering was something I only did out of pure necessity (and often with a good deal of frustration!). After attaining a quality iron, a coil stand, some tip cleaner, and a bit more patience, it all made a lot more sense.

If you’re teaching someone to solder, or learning yourself, check out the following collection of videos, links, and tutorials. This info, plus having a functional goal (ie – repairing headphones, lighting an LED) to shoot for, can do wonders for newcomers.

Soldering Tutorial – Make Video Podcast

Maker to Maker – Soldering on Make: television

Soldering- where to start?

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Gareth Branwyn and Mark Frauenfelder’s Soldering Tutorial PDF.

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The Basics of Soldering, Photo Gallery

It’s Learn to Solder Month!

From the pages of MAKE:
Soldering and Desoldering

In the Maker Shed:



Learn to solder kit & The MAKEcation learn to solder bundle

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