Though it sort of negates some of the best aspects of video gaming, this experiment from Waterloo Labs does outline a useful method for mapping projectile impacts on a projection screen using accelerometers. As suggested at the end of the above vid, there a number of infinitely safer methods for registering the desired mouse clicks – nerf LAN party anyone? More infos for building a similar system here. [via Geekologie]

  • Anonymous

    That sounds fun to do with nerf guns!

  • Doctor Allen

    That really is badass and would make a killer gaming peripheral. There are so few decent lightguns and lightgun games anymore–this thing could turn every PC FPS into a lightgun game. That’s, like, a 1,000-fold increase in available games!

    Somebody make a flexible, light weight, projection screen with built-in accelerometers and include drivers that translate vibration into mouse clicks. It has to be flexible and light so Nerf or airsoft rounds can create enough vibration.

    Use a dance pad for the ASDW controls and you’ve got full-body immersion. Add head tracking and it could get really sick.

  • Protein

    And I thought HL2 could never get cooler….

    I need one of thoose.