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Artist Jay Nelson modified this Honda Spree to serve as a tiny expedition vehicle. Outfitted with surfboard rack, roll-out canopy, and plenty of storage, I imagine filling it with gourmet provisions and heading to a remote beach for some exploration and relaxation. Nelson’s wonderful conceptual sketches lead me to believe he envisioned this as being built upon a lovely vintage Vespa, and make me wish I could draw like that.

nelson show image#6.jpg

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  1. John Kiniston says:

    Thats cool, Where did you see the sketch of the scooter? I didnt find that on the site.

  2. max poglia says:

    I made the first imagine to my blog and these is the correct credit: and Gottino’s blog

  3. John Park says:

    Thanks Max, I apologize for not crediting your site, I lost track of where I found that image as I was searching the story.

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