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  1. Michael says:

    Nice project. I have seen this clear PVC available in rifled stock as well, which will increase your muzzle velocity and accuracy. If you’re already springing for the clear PVC, you might as well get clear PVC primer and not that purple stuff, which can be unsightly if over-applied. Also, I wouldn’t suggest covering the test leads on the stun gun. As I understand it, they provide the default path for the high-voltage electricity being generated. If they’re covered and your spark gaps are too far apart or covered with residue that increases they’re resistance and the power can’t flow through the default path, it could damage your stun gun. This is why most stun guns expressly state not to cover them or put anything in between them. I’ve found engine starting fluid works best as a propellant, because its cheaper, requires less for each fire, and burns clean with no residue gunking up your spark plugs or combustion chamber walls. Finally, I suggest cutting your potatoes in half when possible (for the biggins), as it will increase your distance and double your amount of ammo! Good hunting spud gunners!

  2. gun potato says:

    Although the stun gun does provide a powerful spark which is what you want, I have always found with my potato guns that you do not fail with a simple lantern twist lint igniter.