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One really annoying thing about coolers is having to drag them around. It would be really nice, maybe, if they could follow you around. How about …


Mounting it on your bike? Instructables user jofish demonstrates how.


Teach it to follow you around? A good starting point would be this Instructable by PSdp!


However, neither of these would help if you are stationary, so how about a remake of the infamous RC cooler?

What if you want to take your cooler someplace more exotic? How about building in some floats for that next rafting trip? Add ropes to hoist it into you tree house? Build a heliport on top and construct a drink delivering UAV? Share your ideas in the Comments!


2 Responses to Hack your cooler: Mobilize it!

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  1. It’ll be good to put a peltier junction heat exchanger on the cooler and have it powered by a dynamo fixed on the bicycle. When you’ve reached your destination, you’ll have a cold bottle of beer waiting for you at the back of your bike!


  2. Even better would be to augment the dynamo with small solar panels on top of the cooler lids. Then they could keep your beer cold while you’re chilling at the park.



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