OK, if you have your cooler but are already cold enough or don’t plan to take it anywhere, here are a couple more ideas for what to do with it:

cooler hack light Hack your cooler: Other cooler hacks

Having a party at night? Make it easy to find the right beverage by following vader119’s directions and add a light to your cooler!

cooler hack worm arater Hack your cooler: Other cooler hacks

Trying to maintain an outdoor worm composting bin in the Texas heat? Instructables user coopdaddi shows how he added a water chiller and a fan to make his cooler a perfect place for worms!

cooler hack curing oven Hack your cooler: Other cooler hacks

Have the opposite problem, and need a way to keep your resin/RTV project warm while it cures? Why not convert your cooler into a low-temperature curing oven by following idmains instructions? Bonus points for adding a mechanism to control the inside temperature.

So, that’s just about everything I can think of to do with a cooler. Have any last-minute ideas? Be sure to share them in the Comments for a chance at a prize!


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