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schmartboardparallax Propeller board as a DIY kit

Looks like Parallax is catching on to solder-it-yourself kits! The P8X32A-Q44 SchmartBoard Kit comes with surface mount and through-hole components to make a powerful microcrontroller dev board. It says it “makes surface mount soldering easy,” but doesn’t say how… do those pins look farther apart than in a standard SMD package to you?

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Propeller Proto Board USB

Our Price: $39.99

The Propeller Proto Board USB has all the features of the Propeller Proto Board and includes the USB programming interface on the board for those projects which need the USB interface in the application.

becky stern headshot Propeller board as a DIY kit

Becky Stern

Becky Stern is director of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries. Her personal site:

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