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  • troggy

    that’s beautiful. truly is.

    digging all the analog dials and such. modded my usb wifi dongle to have one.

    thanks to the transition to digital, my room is decidedly easier to breath in, with all the junk residing in just 2 fold out workbenches, my closet, and a chest of drawers intended for my clothes. ;)

    still, major hat-removing and bowing to both the creator and the mother of the creator of said workbench.

  • Chester Nemotz

    If I’d had a room like that when I was in my teens, I’m fairly certain the room wouldda been in heaven because…

    1) my dad would STILL be kicking my corpse’s ass on account of the power bill, and

    2)That portion of my ass not kicked by dear old dad would have been polished off by mom for spending, as near as I can tell, about five large on ‘gizmos and junk.’

  • Joe

    I worked at a radio station in college that didn’t have that much equipment! Holy Cow!

  • Stunmonkey

    That couldn’t be a teenagers room from the 70’s – Where’s the Charlies Angels poster?

    On another note, maybe I’m just a bit far over the edge into geekdom, but that doesn’t actually look like an abnormal amount of equipment. Does this mean I have a problem?

  • George M. Ewing, WA8WTE

    I notice fairly early on there is an old Hallicrafters shortwave receiver, an SX-24 or similar? much more interesting than all the audio gear…My room, starting in the 60’s, was not as elaborate, but in addition to the scrounged stereo gear, there was a Knight-kit Ocean Hopper, Multi-Elmac, and numerous VHF radios….plus fluorescent lighting built from scratch, ballasts and all…

    73, George M. Ewing,

    • cranky_EE

      Easily identifiable in some of the later photos. Nice rig.

      I personally wasn’t a teenager until the 90’s, but my own room featured the venerable S22R (Skyrider Marine) and a Hammarlund HQ129X that was _FREE_ at a yard sale. As a matter of fact, they still sit exactly where I left them… Iron like that doesn’t move very far if it doesn’t really have to.

  • omnivore

    Lower left, the big knob, Kenwood KA 3500 … how I loved that amp … the big knob meant that cranking it meant something. In later life, a roommate scotchtaped a clipping from Kitty Kelly’s biography of Elvis at around the 2/3 volume mark. It read, “Elvis, said, ‘take me to the Memphis morgue’.”.

    Before anyone went to 11, we went “to the morgue”.

  • Raul Castro

    Good audio devices used to be big (sometimes a non-sense). And to communicate with people far away, short-wave and CB radios were the way. Today a PC/laptop and an MP3 player are enough…

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