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MAKE subscriber Dave Vondle wrote us about his LED Glass Block LED Wall Display. Check out the link for a lot more information about the build, including the schematics and source code. Thanks Dave!

I created an interactive LED pixel display out of the glass block wall in the front of my building over the past year or so. The system turns each glass brick into a pixel and uses Flash, Arduino, and BlinkM modules. I happen to work at IDEO so I put it on the IDEO labs blog. I documented it pretty heavily and opened all of the code up as well. Unfortunately I recently had to take the array down, and am hoping someone who reads about it wants to give it a new home!

In the Maker Shed:

MKAH01-2 2.jpg

LED Light Brick Electronics Kit

  • Atomic Playboy

    been looking for something to put outside my street level apartment… in Amsterdam..

  • ericrobert

    that is really cool. I’ll have to look at your site. I might have to mix my glass etching techniques with the glass blocks. That would be really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jessie Walsh

    We love your light display and would love to have it in our home. Please let us know what we need to do to get the unit to our home.  So sorry they made you take it down.  What a bummer!!
    We love decorating our home with new and different lights, and this would be the perfect addition to our collection!
    Jessie and Darwin

    We can be reached at  

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