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Impressive vision system on this bot’

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have given Honda’s humanoid robot, ASIMO, the ability to walk towards a goal position while avoiding stationary and moving obstacles…

  • Anonycous Moward

    Contrary to the subtitle, the vision is trivial here: it’s merely a color detection algorithm that any undergrad could implement as a homework for a robotics class. What’s impressive is the planning and control.

  • St.Eligius

    I am quite impressed by the planning and control however I would be a lot more so if they would have used or augmented the on board vision system. As it is now they will only be able to use the system in areas that have had the “third person” optics installed. Hopefully the research will continue and include the third dimension.

    I wonder if the have been contacted by the military? This would be quite handy when used with aerial drones and coordination of mechanized infantry such as tanks and the new artillery system the US is working on.

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