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  • pipix

    Here’s some more info from Bug Labs:

  • Gary Morgenstern, Accenture

    First, thanks for MAKE’s interest in Accenture Mobility Operated Services. It is a fairly new business unit launched by Accenture to help both mobile operators and enterprises easily and cost-effectively develop and deploy new, revenue-generating mobile applications to their customers.

    This unit offers a mobile “services store” that includes the design, delivery and management of a broad portfolio of vertical mobility applications using Accenture’s proven software platform for mobile applications. These are ready-to-deploy mobile applications that encompass money management, voucher and ticketing, mobile data collection, and many other business- and consumer-related services.

    Accenture’s approach is to be “device agnostic.” To do so, we have built a logical representation of each single device that could be applied to different physical devices that are provided by various device manufacturers. As the posted video demonstrates, we are collaborating with BugLabs to bring the open source approach into the device space.

    To learn more about Accenture Mobility Operated Services, I would invite your readers to visit

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