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Ranjit Bhatnagar took one of those punched-strip programmable music box kits, put a half-twist in the strip, and looped it back on itself to make an endlessly-looping Möbius strip music box. The melody plays through once, and then a second time with the ordering of the notes on the scale reversed. An interesting compositional challenge, if nothing else.

Sean Michael Ragan

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  1. Becky Stern says:

    Gotta love Ranjit’s projects!!

  2. SteveC says:

    Perhaps this could be combined with this:

  3. Poco Curante says:

    So if this mobius strip were encoded with a palindromic song, it would sound like the same tune played over and over!

    Now that I think of it, not exactly, because it would have to be the same upside down as rightside up, not forward and backward.

    More info on mobius strips:

    Thanks for the interesting post.

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