absnthspn 0910a Laser cut absinthe spoon

I recently came into a nice bottle of absinthe (OK, it was a very strange Father’s Day gift, if you must know). The classic way to drink the green stuff is an Absinthe Drip, which is composed of a couple of ounces of absinthe, and a few ounces of ice water dripped over a sugar cube into the drink.

absnthspn 0923 Laser cut absinthe spoon
absnthspn 0946a Laser cut absinthe spoon

You can do the sugar and water bit through any strainer, but the stylish way is on a dedicated piece of gear called an absinthe spoon. I don’t make this drink with great enough frequency to warrant buying one, so I joked with a friend about laser cutting one instead. Why just joke about it? This here is for you, Tod.

absnthspn 0951 Laser cut absinthe spoon

I traced a photo of a Toulouse Lautrec-designed spoon in CorelDraw. I modified the design a bit, and added my initials at the top. I then used this vector file to cut a piece of 1/8″ acrylic on an Epilog Zing laser cutter. I’m very pleased with the results! However, I would warn against setting your sugar cube on fire over an acrylic absinthe spoon.

John Edgar Park

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