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Sam Brown points out this video visit to the workshop of high-end knifemaker Joel Bukiewicz. It’s a nice little documentary that avoids rushing through the topic, covering a bunch of excellent details from an otherwise private, happily-obsessive process. Plus Joel gives his take on some aspects of the craft few know about. Some more info over @ CHOW.


How knives are made

Collin Cunningham

Born, drew a lot, made video, made music on 4-track, then computer, more songwriting, met future wife, went to art school for video major, made websites, toured in a band, worked as web media tech, discovered electronics, taught myself electronics, blogged about DIY electronics, made web videos about electronics and made music for them … and I still do!



  1. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy seen that video, pretty neat!

  2. jason douglas says:

    your video was awesome. instead of cutting out the
    pattern from sheet material with an angle grinder and shaping with
    belts why dont you have a bunch waterjet cut and
    then you would hand grind the rest?

    your product is beautiful. i see why there is a 10
    month waiting list.


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