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This is a great way to teach chemistry to kids :) Old story, but new(s) to me…

Two New Zealand schoolgirls humbled one of the world’s biggest food and drugs companies after their school science experiment found that their ready-to-drink Ribena contained almost no trace of vitamin C. Students Anna Devathasan and Jenny Suo tested the blackcurrant cordial against rival brands to test their hypothesis that cheaper brands were less healthy. Instead, their tests found that the Ribena contained a tiny amount of vitamin C, while another brand’s orange juice drink contained almost four times more.

  • Ben Clark

    2 Years ago I heard this was reported, I know it’s Bank Holiday and all but come on, surely there must be a better more recent way to teach kids Chemistry?

  • Phillip Torrone

    ben, we never posted about it here on MAKE and i’m sure 99.99999% of the readers here do not keep up on news from new zealand….

    as far as other (recent) ways to teach kids chemistry you can check out our massive chemistry section on MAKE and our book.

  • Volkemon

    Well, 2 years doesnt make it old news…it was reporting on a 3 year old event then! Not exactly time sensitive material anyway…

    It would be nice to have some sort of idea what experiments the girls were using. The article was short on details. But still, a good example of science education affecting our daily lives.

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