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Last year Make: Online covered the pinewood derby birthday party thrown by Minneapolis maker gerg (aka Greg Flanagan). The party was so successful gerg and his wife Marie threw another one.

Imagine a Cub Scout pinewood derby without the scouts. Grownups gather to eat brats, drink beer, and build cars… then they race them on a track gerg built himself! Marie described the party on her blog:

We invite friends and family to come on over. We purchase car making kits, decals, paint, and give them access to gerg’s workshop. They have 2-3 hours to design and build their cars. As they build their cars, gerg assists in the shop, I prepare nosh, and food is consumed during and after the races. The double-elimination style race is fun for everyone.


More pix on gerg’s Flickr page.

So, grownup makers, when’s the last time you built a pinewood derby car of your very own?

John Baichtal

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  1. ROB K636 says:

    When we had the regular pinewood derby the adults had their own cars that they made and would use them after the boys had their races.

    Just could not go over a pound on the adults cars. Most of them where just like bricks on wheels.

  2. blight says:

    My office had a pinewood derby last year. The highlight for me was racing my old cub scout car that my dad and I built 25 years ago. I blew its doors off. Granted the car had one broken wheel and has been collecting dust for over two decades. But, I blew its doors off.