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Congratulations to the Ann Arbor Mini Maker team for a successful Faire! Over 1100 attendees blew smoke rings, rode the worlds largest (claimed) bristlebot, piloted robots, made music, silk-screened t-shirts and had a great time! Missed it? Be sure to check out the Flickr pool, or read the excellent writeup at the Ann Arbor Chronicle!

Photo credits: Matt Mets, Dug Song

  • Anonymous

    wished we lived closer!!! my cousin attended and said they enjoyed it. we may have to come up to ann arbor from the the carolinas next year for this faire.
    thanks for posting in make.


  • Brainiac27

    How could I have missed this?! The closest maker fair/hacking space I hear about is in New York and suddenly I read a post about a faire about an hour away! They better have one next year.

  • youevolve

    Do it again! Do it again! Bigger! MUCH bigger!

    ..and publicize more…

  • cyenobite2

    You know I luv you, but as ‘youevolve’ points out… you all need to publicize these smaller maker faire events. What happened to the Maker Faire in RI? Since that last blog post (couple weeks ago) I see no mention of it anywhere. I just went to the and again no mention of the RI event.
    Still no maps or any additional information on the site?

    I booked a hotel, and I hope I won’t regret the expense and travel time, if no makers show up. :(

    Beat the drums! Sound the horns!

  • Erik Meinke

    Is there any chance it could be a bit sooner next year? College classes started right after that weekend so I couldn’t attend. I tried to find contact info for the group running the fair, but that part of the website is broken.

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