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The fine folks at i3 Detroit built this giant, ridable bristlebot using a large motor, a pipe for an offset weight, and a bunch of push broom heads. They claim it is the worlds largest, which I tend to believe. Does anyone know of a larger one?

Also, I think the only proper way to respond to this is to make an even larger bristlebot and challenge them to a race. Detroit makers, you are on!

Photo credits: Matt Mets, Dug Song

  • Anonymous

    There is even discussion going on about next year’s Penguicon hosting an inter-hacker-space race in the parking garage!
    Any hacker spaces willing to step up to the challenge?

    • Matt Mets

      Speaking on behalf* of Hack Pittsburgh, we are totally on this. Actually, we were thinking of expanding it to a non-traditional-locomotion race, if this sounds reasonable. Also, we add an additional challenge to the contest: Bristlebot Jousting!

      *Technically, I have no authority to do so

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