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Bruce writes in:

Do you know of any Arduino efforts in San Diego, CA? Do you know of anyone who might know?

Well Bruce, I understand how difficult it can be to find local DIY events, so I compiled a list of the places I would look. The first thing I would do is search google, however there is a good chance that local events might not show up if they haven’t been widely publicized. The next places I would check are Hackerspaces (neat map here) and Dorkbot. If there is a hackerspace in your area, there is a good chance that they will be holding classes about the Arduino or similar devices. Dorkbot groups seem to be more focused on presentations, however the participants can probably help point you in the right direction.

Another great possibility is a Make: group. There are a bunch of them popping up across the country (and hopefully across the world- let us know where you are!). Here are the ones that I know about:

Besides the more obvious tech-focused groups, many artists organizations and collaboratives are also hosting Arduino classes, such as AS220 in Providence, RI, Machine Project in Los Angeles, CA, and The Crucible in Berkeley, CA.

However, don’t give up if you don’t see anything listed for your city. Try asking around at a local college, check, chime in on the Make forum, take a glance at the official Arduino calender and the Make Events page, or just find some friends and host an event yourself, and be sure to tell us about it!

Know of any other good resources? Have any San Diego leads for Bruce? Want to see your group listed? Chime in in the comments!

The above photo of an Arduino class at Hack Pittsburgh is by Marty McGuire.

Update 11/24/09: Added Make:RDU

  • jeff-o

    KWartzlab ( in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada has in the past (and I’m sure will in the future!) host some Arduino workshops.

  • mtbf0

    the crucible be in oakland, ca.

    • Matt Mets

      Grr, fixed, thanks. Historically based in…

  • Tim

    The Hacktory ( and Hive76 ( in Philadelphia have held Arduino classes and/or have them scheduled in the near future.

  • rjnerd

    Willoghby and Baltic is a member based shop space in Somerville, MA. Has run some microcontroller classes in the past.

    The New England Model Engineering Society is a group of hobby metalworkers, some of whom work with microcontrollers. They meet monthly at the Charles River Museum of Industry

  • mpechner

    Don’t forget the TechShop in Menlo Park,CA.

    They offer a couple of classes on the arduino as well and plenty of other cool classes.

    You do not have to be a member to take a class.

  • Volkemon

    Huh… KipKay and I could meet for wings in Kissimmee in an hour or so …but no Florida arduino classes?!? I need to learn, and with my ADHD it helps to be in a group focus.

    (BTW- just a shameless namedropper here that was told KipKay was in the greater o-town area. Never met the man. Wouldn’t mind it however – I’ll buy the wings!)

    On the post, but off to the side..
    My MAME project keeps on turning into extended testing periods of Galaga…:) But I see a keyboard in front of the joysticks on the arcade machine above….Hmmmmm? And is that a monitor below the control board?

  • ROB K636

    The Hacker Space in Kansas City has one every Tuesday 6-9pm

  • Ron Craig

    A sister of the Menlo Park TechShop, TechShop Durham in North Carolina has arduino classes and other cool classes. You don’t have to be a member to take a class.

  • keith p jolley

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