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Tom writes in…

I connected the tape counter from an old Pioneer cassette deck to an Arduino. I’d love it if one of your readers could think of something to do with it!


    assuming the speed is variable, you could create music by playing a tape with one long note on it and using arduino to vary the pitch.
    This could all be sequenced, but it would be great to see it all connected to a a keyboard with each note triggering the correct note. Sort of like the modern melotron.


    Hit counters for social sites
    Calendar/clock (requiring multiple counters)
    Stop watch / timer
    Computer statistics (processor load, disk IO, memory)
    Unread email count

  • Elizabeth

    You could connect it to an infrared sensor and have a motion detector which kept count of the times it was triggered. (How often do people approach an artwork? a window with a view? a bulletin board full of office announcements? How many times does the cat visit her water bowl? her litter box? her favorite napping spot?)

    You could connect it to a sound sensor and log how many times the noise level in the office exceeded a certain threshold.

    You could connect it to a light sensor, put the device in the refrigerator, and find out how many times the refrigerator door is opened during the day. (Might work as a consciousness-raising diet aid.)

  • Jan

    count visitor to your website. but it would need a servo to reset them next morning.

  • Timm Tayshun

    Guitar pickup winder counter.

  • Adrian Lodge

    Once made a clock using a click counter, like those bouncers use… only problem is, at midnight (2359) the arduino had to click it back to 0000.

  • Anonymous

    Nice counter for something steampunkish.

  • Phil

    I believe this is what androids use for counting electric sheep.

  • Anonymous

    every time someone comes up with a witty use for it counter?

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