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office supply trebuchet 4 Office supply trebuchet

So you’ve been having some trouble sourcing supplies for your MAKEcation trebuchet entry? Time to raid your kids’ back to school supply cache!

The Office Supply Trebuchet – This is a great little trebuchet that was built by Brandon N. He made it completely out of office supplies and it fires honey roasted peanuts about 20 feet! Nice work here. He has also included a parts list in case you want to make one! Get the pencils and the rubber bands and have some fun!

A box of pencils on back-to-school sale could be their lowest price of the year. Let’s get making!

Take some photos of your project and post them to the MAKE Flickr pool with the tag MAKEcation to enter the contest.

mz makecation familychallenge6 Office supply trebuchet

Family trebuchet challenge:

Chris Connors

Making things is the best way to learn about our world.

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