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  1. Dre says:

    I have been wondering for a couple of days now about this project, since I know 0 about coding/programing I wonder, how hard is to program a controller to manage 22 leds (words) plus another 4 (minutes)??? the face can be laser cut and then framed. My first tough was 110 led’s 10×11 so you could control them individually for use with different languages, but rather keep it simple….

  2. IceBrain says:

    It would be pretty easy, I guess, you could probably do it with an Arduino and a couple of ICs.

  3. justDIY says:

    21 IO pins would be needed to do it “the easy way”, or fewer pins if you wanted to charlie plex it, which makes building the array and the software a tad more complex. a 28 pin or 40 pin micro-controller would have no problem.

    use a look-up table to associate the twelve hours and then “fifths” after / to the hours with the different led combinations.

  4. justDIY says:

    damn, I just clicked through and caught a wiff of the price: $1266 USD for a plastic clock, roughly 18 inch square and almost 9 lbs.

    1. Bob Darlington says:

      Wow, $1266! I bet you could make one for under $100 plus a few hours of your time. A PIC or other micro of your choice, a couple shift registers, and LEDs should total no more than $5 for the electronics package.

  5. shad0w says:

    please somebody make this and make a tutorial for it. i hate the exuberant price, but the design is nice. i cant figure out, what all the wordings would be though?

    1. Anonymous says:

      “i cant figure out, what all the wordings would be though? ”

      ITSYQUARTER (Apostrophe t)
      TENLFOCLOCK (Apostrophe o)

  6. Nicholas Wallen says:

    Made a project similar to this. Warmer, more analogue aesthetic–more personality. Check it out:

    1. Matt Mets says:

      Oooh, thats awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. The Bacon Man says:

    Check it out, there is an instructable for this now.

    ~The Bacon Man

    1. Matt Mets says:

      Yes! And he says he was inspired by this post, too!

  8. ifreecarve says:

    I made 2 versions of this: one in HTML that runs in your browser, and one in python that runs in a text console.

    1. Matt Mets says:

      Nice! I really like the hanging version.

  9. sector7gp says:

    I have made one in english from instructables and one in spanish with TLC IC.-

  10. JimiVoodoo says:


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