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  1. samseide says:

    ha! Thanks for putting our video up here again! I always feel so honored to be shown up here with all the other great makers. Inspires me to continue doing other projects!

  2. Chris says:

    Really nice build! I’m surprised the 12 in 1 thing has such a nice interface for choosing the games, I need to find one as good as that.

  3. MMel says:

    Did your portable DVD player have a video in?

    I’ve got a portable DVD player that I would like to use the screen but I have no video in?

    How did you accomplish passing the video to the screen?

  4. samseide says:

    yes the dvd player had video in. Most do, that I’ve noticed. It uses a headphone jack instead of the normal RCA connector so you have to cut the ends off the video game rca cords and solder the wires to a male headphone plug’s wires.

  5. Mark Lyon says:

    Hi Sam,

    Fantastic job!

    What hardware, OS (Win/Lin distro), and emulator are you using?

    Do you have any DIY instructable for it?

    At least a list of components?


    1. Matt Mets says:

      I don’t think he is using a PC for this- it’s actually one of those little game systems that come built into a joystick, which you then connect to your TV. From what I can tell, he took apart the joystick, and fitted it into case along with the screen from an old portable DVD player.

  6. samseide says:

    here’s a link to the plug n play game I started with initially.

  7. DJ says:

    That is an amazing job you did with the miniature replication of a Pac-Man unit! As I have no technical skills, would you be willing to build another and sell? I would love to have this as part of my collection…

    1. Sam Seide says:

      I’m making a couple more right now that should be done this week. I was thinking of putting them up on etsy to see if people really are interested in buying them. Hardest part is finding dvd players inexpensively to use for screens. Thought about just selling just the arcade shells only without the electronics as well as that would be easier for me than finding the guts of these machines.

      1. DJ Brody says:

        I’ll be first in line to buy when you complete these. Do you plan on making an announcement or should we plan to regularly check etsy? Thx.

        1. Sam Seide says:

          Check on here, whenever I finish em up I will post a link to the etsy store! I know how much time it takes to build these, and the material costs involved, but I’m still unsure what is a price point that most would consider reasonable for these.

        2. samseide says:

          I finally got around to putting an auction up for one of these tiny arcade machines. Here’s the link: