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comutacar1 Chad's excellent ride

Wired has a writeup on Chad Conway’s CommutaCar. It came out really nice, and helped point him in a good direction for his studies. Keep in mind that he was busy with his studies and after school sports, so did the bulk of the rebuild during his half hour lunch breaks over about a month or two in high school.

Best of all, Conway says his car proves that EVs have been possible and practical for more than three decades. “By driving a car that is 30 years old and can still satisfy the majority of my transportation needs, I always seem to ask myself why a similar car is not being produced today,” Conway said. “I have had over a hundred people ask where they can get one for themselves because they think it is perfect.”

For more info, check out his site. There are more photos on his and my Flickr accounts.

Chris Connors

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