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This is interesting, some examples of a Makerbot printing out braille, langfordw writes –

This is still a work in progress but the MakerBot actually seems to print braille rather well. I can’t read braille so I can’t judge for sure whether it’s readable but it certainly seems like it. The trick is to get the G-code right to prevent warts on the front face (i’m still fiddling with this). I think this might have a lot of potential. A braille bracelet will be next in my printing/designing queue.

  • Stephen

    Readability is hugely important in a writing system. If it’s not usable as braille you’re printing out lumpy plastic.

    I’d get it checked as quickly as you possibly can.

  • Joel

    If you get that working, you might try a woodblock-style business card printer.

    maybe along the lines of a cylinder seal, or maybe with some mechanism added in.

  • Anonymous

    Hello World!!!

    The spacing between letters may need to be tweaked a bit (and I may be completely wrong), but I think you got it!