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I love the band They Might Be Giants. I love designing 3D objects on the computer. I love turning those designs into real objects. I love this song and video!



  1. Fake Name says:

    This would be SO much cooler if they had ACTUAL cad in the video.

    Watching people do cad work, particularly in time lapse is really amazing, and rapid prototyping machines are really Cool. As the video stands, it’s effectively devoid of any actual informational content.

    1. Anonymous says:

      wow, just be HAPPY there is a sweet song about cad! i mean its got a cork robot building other robots – thats awesome. Now get back to your pro/e, drafting slave.

  2. KurtRoedeger says:

    I am no drafting slave, I prefer the term CADD Monkey!

  3. Davin says:

    I had my first daughter 2 weeks ago (hooray!), so I was recently in the market for all of TMBG’s kid albums. As a person who does CAD for a living, I was really happy to see a song that will teach her what daddy does for a living :-)

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