This mechanical tumor by Mio I-zawa is actually a visualizer that shows CPU usage. It’s meant to give an indication of the computers ‘stress level’. I love the creepy organic aesthetic, but it seems like the tumor should only be monitoring the unwanted parts of your CPU load. Perhaps it could be made to monitor spyware and botnet activity on your computer?

[via pink tentacle]

  • Coyote

    That has got to be THE most disgusting casemod I have ever seen!

    The next time I have to clean a ton of malware out of someone’s PC, I’m going to install one of those things so it swells up and pops the side cover off in front of them.. just so I can say “well, there’s yer problem!”

  • Matt

    How about a balloon case mod – the balloon could inflate to show memory, disk, or CPU consumption. Play with it until you get it to pop when you hit 100%.